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Puissant leverages its vital technical and managerial prowess, deep domain expertise, simplified consulting approaches, innovation skills, most popular industry methodologies and intellectual property assets to deliver next-generation future-ready products and services to meet the client's strategic and prioritized needs.

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World class Digital workplace transformation services and exclusive support features to maximize your ROI.

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Puissant education ecosystem


Puissant : Where Education is a lifelong learning experience


Digital Innovations are the keys to Education's next


Taking tests for test preparation are the next important after completing the course


Intuitive and vital architectural design of the educational portal will ease the students, institutions and academicians to a large extent


The revolution in education

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Strenthening enterprises with innovative implementations of technologies

Digital workplace transformation

Puissant develops Customized Web Portal for an educational institution

Case Study
Digital transformation

Puissant Modernizes the web portal of a nationwide test preparation institute

Case Study

A nationwide education institution wanted to get a web portal for the brand presentation of its organization.

Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digital marketing, application development are the examples of some top IT services.

  • Application development or software development or system development is a systematic process, which includes planning, conceptualization, requirement analysis and gathering, system design, system development, testing, quality assurance, and maintenance and support services.

  • An enterprise may have a number of applications working for different purposes, e.g., HR management, accounting software, email marketing application, etc. These applications have to be managed properly to get the most out of them.

  • The application support refers to enabling users to smoothly run the application while maintenance refers to the need for servers and other configurations for the application.

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