Business-driven NextGen Quality Assurance Function of Highest Maturity Level

Quality Assurance Services

Puissant Next Gen Managed QA Services is a proactive assurance model that discovers and correct problems before they come into effect. Our strategy takes your QA function to the highest level of maturity, making it business-driven while delivering most cost-effective solutions. The pillars of framework QA services are:

Business Assurance

Our design-led approach for business assurance includes customer experience validation, security testing and others.

Software and Tools

Our team use modern tools an softwares for quality assurance (QA) services.

Process Optimization

We optimize the processes involved in delivering the products and services.


We practice transparency through reporting and pricing.

Why us

NextGen managed QA services with exclusive support features to maximize your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

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quality assurance services

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Challenges and Solutions

  • Our framework for QA services works under service delivery platform, which is another highly customizable framework for test and release process. The Puissant service delivery platform consists middleware testing solution, data warehouse testing, test data management, Puissant enterprise data privacy suite and integrated command center dashboard with metrics management system.

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