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Enterprises today need to be faster in launching new offerings. And for this, they need to have digitally well connected workforce and products - to make products more local. This require intuitive product engineering design, robotics, IoTs, and containerization. Our digital engineering services are designed to fulfil the real-time customer requirements. Industry-X digitizes every step of your business to reimagine how products and services are:

  • Designed and Engineered
  • Sourced and Supplied
  • Manufactured
  • Serviced, returned and renewed.


Engineering and R & D digitization

Engineering and R & D digitization improve the business value of your products and services along with the reduced cost of development and R & D process. This also accelerates the product launch time to market.

Connected Products Design and Development

Connected products that provide vital digital intelligence and drive enterprise growth.

Product Platform Engineering

Our engineering services improve the platform's quality for faster and valuable products and services delivery.

Product as-a-service enablement

We help you adapt to as-a-service business.

Production & Operations

We help you to create connected factories and site for improved management and efficiencies.

Intelligent asset management

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Digital industrial workforce

Harness digital technologies for employee's safety.

Scaling Engineering Services

Scaling Engineering services in the digital paradigm

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Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services
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