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Analyse, Innovate, Transform, and Scale

The above terminologies are the gists of what we do. We help enterprises to stay competitive, win new markets, increase shareholder value by implementing the latest disruptive technologies. Puissant consulting help enterprises to re-imagine their future and develop digital core capabilities to create sustainable business value.

Why us ?

Puissant IT Consulting Services are rich in history, deep in experience and broad in global reach.


Right consultation to accelerate the enterprise digital transformation journey

How we can help

Our Strategists & Architects harness technology and innovations as a way to reinvent every business

Intelligent OM

We design and implement the intelligent operating model (OM) for agility, resilience and business growth.

Resilient Architecture

Improve business continuity and reduce operational risks.

Technology Consulting

Improve business value with the right technology investment.

Tech value

Creating transparency to optimize technology costs.


Analytics to take the right decision at the right time.


Speed up the business process.

Future tech

Transforming businesses by implementing innovative technologies and practices.

Tech transformation

Drive efficiency and improve technology investment.

Consulting the C-Suite

Our Offerings

Puissant enterprise IT and Management Consulting Services to put the most economical use of their resources

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