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Some frequently used terminologies in IT-industries are defined here:

  1. Alpha Testing : The process of verifying and studying software errors and failures based on simulated users requirements.
  2. Beta Testin : Subjecting the modified software to the actual user site (live) environment.
  3. Analysis:Bearking a problem into successively manageable parts for individual study.
  4. Brainstorming :A technique for generating new ideas; a participant is asked to define ideal solutions and then select the most feasible one.
  5. Break-even Analysis: The point at which the cost of the candidate system and the present one are equal.
  6. Cash-flow analysis : A procudure designed to keep track of accumulated costs and revenues on a regular basis.
  7. Chaining : Linking records in a database; establishing relationships among data items.
  8. Contrived Observation : An observation set up in a place like a lab.
  9. Conversion : The proces of changing from an existing system to a new one.
  10. Cost/benefit analysis :The process of comparing projected saving and benefits to projected costs to decide whether a sytem change is justified.
  11. Critical Path :An event in a PERT network that, if behind schedule, will cause the final event in the network to be late.
  12. Critical Path Method (CPM) : A planning and scheduling method that determines trade-offs between relative costs and alternative completion dates for a project.
  13. Cryptography : A system of secret communication to improve security of confidential computerized files.
  14. Landing Page : The web page giving the highly briefed but optimized for the visitors conversion.
  15. Domain Name : The unique URL of the website.
  16. Domain Name Registration : Registration for the domain name.
  17. Installation or Hosting : Hosting the contents of the websites - texts, images, codes etc. on the server machine and to fetch as per the user request.
  18. Keywords : The specific word representing the contents of the web page(s).
  19. Links : By clicking at which, the website visitors easily traverse the website contents.
  20. Internal Links : Links to move from one page of the website to another.
  21. External Links : Theses links helps website visitors to jump to the website other than the current one.
  22. FTP : File Transfer Protocols are the rules or protocols to move file over the internet.
  23. FTP Details of websites : The details required to upload or download files the website hosting server.
  24. Database : The systematic and comprehensive storage of data for the further retrieval as per the user request.
  25. Optimization : Making specific for any particular activity. For example marketing cost optimization activities includes the methods to minimize or optimize the costs incurred in marketing.
  26. Page Optimization : To make the contents of the web page more and more relevant for user and SEO ponit of views.
  27. Image Optimization : The process of minimizing size of the images using automated tools.
  28. Blog Posting : The well written articles on any specific topic on the blog application.
  29. Video URL Submission
  30. Video Optimization
  31. Social Bookmarking
  32. Custom
  33. Leverage: To use something at maximum advantage. Puissant leverages on its innovative approaches.
  34. Responsive
  35. System
  36. System Requirements
  37. System Design
  38. Web Design
  39. Graphic Design
  40. Web Development
  41. E-commerce Website
  42. CMS Website
  43. OPD
  44. Outsourcing
  45. Software Integration
  46. Software Testing
  47. Quality Assurance
  48. Cloud Services
  49. Search Engine
  50. Campaign Management
  51. Online Marketing
  52. Content Marketing
  53. Search Engine Optimization
  54. Social Media Marketing or Optimization
  55. E-mail Marketing
  56. Pay-per-click Advertisement
  57. Facebook Advertising
  58. Yahoo Search Marketing
  59. Analytic Services
  60. Online Reputation Management
  61. Whitepapers: A government report giving information or proposal on an issue.

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