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Entrepreneurial Skills

Puissant’s Guide to Get the Successful Entrepreneurial Skills

On the basis of experience of around two decades, Puissant has listed the following key skills to start a new business. The relevance of one skill over the other may depend on the industry but the following skills give the overall idea to get acquainted with before starting a new venture.

  1. Management Skills

    One has to be at good expertise to manage time as well as the people he/she meets or concerned with. Of course, this needs a bit higher level of sincerity but you must learn o put the most economical use of your TME, no doubt!

  2. Leadership Skills

    Being at the top of the venture, your decisions are important for the business as well as for your subordinates. You have to learn how you can keep yourself motivated and simultaneously inspire and guide your subordinates so that they can learn their job better and feel motivated in the company’s environment.

  3. Communication Skills

      The communication skill has basically two important sub-skills:

    • The ability to Sell Ideas

      No doubt, your ideas are important for your business has to be sold out for the profit of the organization. This comes under the Intellectual Property Right (IPR), and the legal binding can be established in terms of agreements etc. to protect this right. You also need to be good aware with Copyrighting and Patent Law.

    • The ability to Persuade Others.

      Persuasion makes a difference, e.g. instead of writing ‘Submit’ in query form, it is suggestible to write ‘Submit Now’.

  4. Planning Skills

    This further is a very crucial stage to manage your business as your business proceeds as it is already planned in the beginning. Here is the stage where your all past experiences, sincerity, technical prowesses and other skills simultaneously get implemented. With the strong planning you also need to coordinate and organize effective to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI). Research on what was needed in the past and try to guess what will be needed in the future.

  5. Financial Skills

  6. Research Skills

  7. Self Motivated and Disciplined

    The candidate has to be well understood that at this stage of his career and business, he/she has enough professionalism and must understand that he can’t rely on others to get the inspiration for your motivation.

    Exactly speaking, unlike the college environment where you get the guidance you’re your mentors and seniors too, here you are supposed to enter into the real world situation and the people you are facing about are neither supposed to give the inspiration to help you motivate and nor would they like to discipline you.

    The gist is that you have to be totally on your own and hard core professional and disciplined.

  8. Adaptible

  9. Innovative thinking and Creative

  10. Ability to Multi-tasks

    It’s human to get involved mostly which you know or like better. But it is always more difficult and suggestible to manage and pay attention to all the necessary things.

  11. Able to take responsibility and make Decisions

    The personas who come forward to take responsibilities are always supposed to be wiser and get benefits out of it. Decision taking capability is very important as entrepreneurial skill. Always try to take, the right decisions at the right time.

  12. The ability to work under pressure

  13. Perseverance

  14. Competitiveness

  15. Willing to take risks

  16. Ability to network.

Only a few Skills can be learnt are:

  1. Ability to draw up a business plan for a new venture

    You must be able to layout your business process well prior to the commencement of the business. This panning is important because once you start the business and after sometime you would not be normally able to decide the next step to be taken. For this problematic condition it is emphasized to design or plan your business process.

  2. being able to market and sell a new product or idea

    The new method of marketing your services and product has to be implemented at timely and consistent basis.

  3. Financial skills

    such as book-keeping and calculating tax

  4. Awareness of Intellectual Property Right and possibly patent (or right) law.


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