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Website Designing

Website Designing

Internet is an excellent medium to reach out to potential customers and advertise your product or services. It is important for you to grab the attention of customers to your website and engage them in reading about the services provided. Web designing is the only way to attract more and more customers to your website and create your online presence.

Web designing refers to the fields involved in production and maintenance of website. Major areas of web designing include web graphic design, user experience design, standardized code and proprietary software, and basic search engine optimization.

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The areas of web designing mainly include the following:

  1. Graphic design - It improves the user experiences by using the responsive designs, fonts size and colors and finally color of the overall web page. The color of the page should not be very shiny or containing the bright images.
  2. Standardized code - Normally, HTML and CSS codes are used for creating the web pages with excellent look and feel.
  3. Proprietary software – Not just to create the HTML page or the web page but to inbuilt strong and robust functionality in our websites we rely on various software or IDEs (Integrated development Environment) in which we develop or create the websites.
  4. Online Marketing - Over and above the creation of the websites the various marketing strategies are also being used now-a-days to generate more and more business leads. It’s mainly being done in four ways:
    1. Google Ranking – To bring the website on top ranking of Google we either follow the SEO process or do the PPC campaigning. SEO being the long but robust process, use the Google analytics for this while PPC campaigning is a very short and quick process of bringing our website on the first and even on the top of the first page of Google ranking.
    2. Content Marketing
    3. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    4. E-mail Marketing

Normally, designing a website includes:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Designing the Header of Web Pages
  3. Menu and sub-menu design
  4. Banner Design
  5. Contents Writing and Proper Placing
  6. Footer Design etc.

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