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Landing Pages Designing

Landing Pages Design (LPD)


The Landing Pages are designed for a singlemost important reason to optimize the Conversion Rate of any advertisement compaign.

The landing page has to be designed much carefully keeping the following viewpoints in the website developer’s mind:

  1. First and foremost the landing page should focus on the conversion-rate of you ad compaign.
  2. Avoid linking the landing page to any other external web page. This will help the visitors to focus on the contents of the landing page rather than moving to another web page.
  3. Put at-least one keyword inside the "h1" tag anywhere on the landing page.
  4. The graphic design adds the simplicity and enhances the beauty of the web pages.
  5. Mention the blocks of the landing page in the order: Header → About Us → Facts → Services → Features → Pricing → Portfolio → Footer…..
  6. Try to put your intro in 3 to 4 words on one side of the header itself in "h1" tags and on another side of the header put the quick query form. Below the intro in "h1" tags, also write a Simple Intro Paragraph about your business or mention something about your team inside "h2" tags in 10 to 20 characters. Here, you need to write what your customer will get after filling the form.
  7. Website should look good on all devices, like mobile, laptop, computers of all resolutions and sizes, tablets etc.
  8. You can put sections other than mentioned above, e.g. your skills metrics, testimonials or other social proof such as media highlight, why Us etc. to make the visitors believed about your products and services.
  9. Make the loading speed of the landing page fast enough to be loaded in less than 3 seconds.
  10. Try to keep its size smaller.
  11. Make your landing page mobile responsive.


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...