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About Us

About Us

We, a team of managers, software developers, website developers, designers and search engine optimization experts-from reputed institutions and having long experiences, are working hard to produce the excellent product and services by using the most suitable and latest technologies.

Currently, at Puissant we, a team of highly skilled (a minimum of 7 years of experience of software development-focusing on the technology in Java/J2EE and PHP-with frameworks) developers, MBAs from worldwide renowned universities, experienced software designer and tester. Our graphic designer is also well versed in various designing tools.

We are a small group with minimal administrative costs. A group of hard core full-time programmers’ works in our development centre. In addition to the full time programmers, our team includes senior software designers and developers working with major IT companies in India. They spend few hours everyday to guide the fulltime engineers to develop world class software.

We also do hire engineers on requirement basis. Because of our unique model, we can offer the lowest cost software development to our customers. Currently we charge between US$ 10 ~ US$ 12 per hour for most of the projects.

The Cost Assessment from Puissant Technologies

  1. The range of cost which Indian IT companies do charge for the development of the software product varies from US $10 to US $25 per hour. The cost depends on many factors including the brand name, complexity, technologies used etc.
  2. We at Puissant Technologies do believe in having a development team which is a small but efficient to do any complex and world class product. The quality of each and every member of the team is of utmost importance for us. We do not strive for popularity or brand name, which ultimately, unnecessarily charge extra to our client for brand name and administrative costs.
  3. Website Pricing :
    1. 15% Planning
    2. 25% Interface design
    3. 40% Programming
    4. 20% Project Management.

Commitments for the Long Term Relationship

Our highly skilled team of a few is designed to provide very cost effective solutions for our customers. If the requirement of any customer is for more advance technology-we may commit to enhance our manpower and infrastructure of the company, to meet the customer needs.


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...