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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development refers to the specialized or personel need of the software product of any company.

System Design

System Design or software design is the prototype or model of the candidate system which is prepared by the software designer or software architect. The developed design is later implemented in the development phase by the software developers.

Some frequently used terminologies in IT-industries are defined here:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Domain Name
  3. Domain Name Registration
  4. Installation or Hosting
  5. Keywords
  6. Links
  7. Internal Links
  8. External Links
  9. FTP
  10. FTP Details of websites
  11. Database
  12. Optimization
  13. Page Optimization
  14. Image Optimization
  15. Blog Posting
  16. Blog Submission
  17. Video
  18. Video URL Submission
  19. Video Optimization
  20. Social Bookmarking
  21. Custom
  22. Leverage: To use something at maximum advantage. Puissant leverages on its innovative approaches.
  23. Responsive
  24. System
  25. System Requirements
  26. System Design
  27. Web Design
  28. Graphic Design
  29. Web Development
  30. E-commerce Website
  31. CMS Website
  32. OPD
  33. Outsourcing
  34. Software Integration
  35. Software Testing
  36. Quality Assurance
  37. Cloud Services
  38. Search Engine
  39. Campaign Management
  40. Online Marketing
  41. Content Marketing
  42. Search Engine Optimization
  43. Social Media Marketing or Optimization
  44. E-mail Marketing
  45. Pay-per-click Advertisement
  46. Facebook Advertising
  47. Yahoo Search Marketing
  48. Analytic Services
  49. Online Reputation Management
  50. Whitepapers: A government report giving information or proposal on an issue.


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