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Innovation Focus

We are using the technologies in new ways to make organizations more and more efficient by improving the alignment between technologies and business needs.

  1. Innovating the businesses through Technologies

    Puissant is using the new and existing technologies to bring about the solutions beyond expectations.

  2. Solving the Customized needs of client.

    We, at Puissant solving the Customized need of small and big enterprises to exactly meet their business goals. This not only meet the exact business need but also provides the future extensible and efficient Applications for them. The customized applications also help to re-engineer and assure the quality of the products.

  3. Using the technologies from scratch

    It’s the expertise to use the technologies from scratch which empowers us to produce customized, future extendible and best engineered solution.

  4. Extremely Conceptualized and Lucid Design

    At the Architectural Design level, we consider many factors e.g. time, cost-effectiveness, future extensibilities, security, quality, maintainability, testability etc. The design developed has also properly aligned with specification mentioned in the SRS or as per discussed with clients or its representative. This design also has to be lucid so that the other system designer or developer can easily go through it.

  5. Developing Extendible Applications

    Most of the time the clients wants it application upgraded or modified after using it for some times. In view of this point the application has to be designed in such a way so that it can be extended in future.

  6. Securing the Applications at Multiple Stages

    Security, now-a-days has become a very factor to be embedded in the developed Applications. There are technologies, which are rich in features and by using these from scratch in the customized applications help us in getting the application secured at multiple stages.

  7. Properly Engineered to enhance the efficiency of the Applications

  8. Puissant engineers or design the applications to make and run it efficiently for the longer time.

  9. Easily Maintainable

    Puissant has developed applications which are easily maintainable.

  10. Cost-effective

    The most innovative approaches have made Puissant competent to provide many cost-effective solutions to our thousands of happy clients.


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...