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Helium Baloon Story

Once upon a time, there was a man who made his living by selling balloons at a fair. He was having all sort of colors including green, red, yellow and bue.

Whenever business was low, he released a Helium-filled balloon into the air and when the children saw it going up they all wanted to buy one.

Please note that the Helium being the second lightest element – much lighter than air, the Helium-filled balloon floats upward in the atmosphere due to the buoyant force of the air.

The man continued the marketing of his business all day.

And finally, his idea worked and one day he felt someone tugging at his jacket.

He turned around and found a little boy who asked, “If you release a black balloon, would that also fly?”

The man moved by the child’s concern and replied with empathy, “Son, it is not the color of the balloon; it is what is inside that makes it go up”.


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...